Wednesday, April 10, 2013

America, The Beautiful

A few months ago, Jon and I had the opportunity to go see the Petrified Forest National Park, and let me tell you, it was BREATHTAKING. Sometimes, Arizona can be surprisingly beautiful, even with its scraggly desert and STD forests.

Whenever one goes to a state park, one has to appreciate the overpriced tourist shops. I DIED when I saw this grow a therapist; mainly because my dad is a trauma consultant. 

Moving on, BEHOLD, The Painted Desert in all its splendor.

Look at my seemingly ethnically ambiguous husband... Mexican? Native American? My Delicious Caramel Man? 

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I was really excited to see "Newspaper Rock" and when we got to the site I found out, to my uttermost dismay, that I could not see the petroglyphs close up. My lovely camera does not have an expensive enough lense to be able to capture the images that far away, so live vicariously through Jon and my little sister viewing them through old school binoculars.

Blue Mesa at Dusk.

Okay, seriously? I'm STILL laughing. 

This picture is for my mother. But can you appreciate the scale of that petrified tree? This tree is actually the largest *known* tree at the park; of course, after decades of plundering I'm surprised they had any petrified wood left. I'm not going to lie, going to this park was depressing on account of the fact that it has lost 80% of its former glory.

Happy March 2nd!! Its a Yuma/Yuma Mormon thing... you wouldn't understand.

My sister, the siren.

I will probably pay handsomely for posting this online, but THIS is for your viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes bloggees, on the deliciously contorted facial expression of a beautiful maiden who will express much angst when male suitors behold this image. 

That concludes this adventure. I recommend going to the Petrified Forest not only for the trees, which is a good thing as there are hardly any left so you would be disappointed, but for the numerous geographical beauties. There is a hiking trail through Blue Mesa that would be so incredibly lovely. Also, there are giant dinosaurs in Holbrook, Arizona that are really fun to see. 
Seriously, everyone loves rocks.
And Dinosaurs.
And Mexican Food. 
Unlike Disneyland, this is one family trip that will not destroy your bank account

a Poor Traveler 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Once upon a time....
I looked like THIS.*

Fast forward about a year.
Now, I look like this.

Life is but a heartless b*tch has been kind to me.


Also, I am now accepting applications for a workout partner. 

*this image was taken for my bellydancing portfolio. It is not to be confused with my Halloween Babylonian whore costume.