Thursday, November 17, 2011

and they told me I was a baby......

"You are too young to get married."
"How well do you know him?"

"Marriage is hard."

"You are a child. Are you ready to have one?"

WHOA, whoa. Whoaaa. who said anything about babies?

these are just a few of the questions that I've had to face in the light of getting engaged. I totally thought marriage was all about the happily ever after. just kidding. Being an ADULT living on MY OWN has taught me SEVERAL things. 1. there are bills to pay 2. there will be fights 3. communication is key.

There was also all the awkward commentary from my guy friends who essentially said "congratulations.... but I wish it was me,"


does anyone know the proper response to that?

 I didn't think so either.
 So that is when you make a mental sidenote to never hangout again to avoid another awkward encounter.

or maybe you could tell them to grow a pair and they could have asked you  out and didn't. tough. that's life.

I'm going to tell you again, why I am getting married so young. I found someone who loves me despite myself. who loves me through my menstrual cycle. the acne. the tears. the ugly pants. the no-shower days/weeks. the tantrums. my obnoxious animal collecting habit. the no-shave-legs november, december, january, february, you get the point.... my disorganized self.

he wipes away my tears.
he holds me.
he whispers sweet things to me and means them.
I do not think he has actually ever said a mean thing about me..... though I have deserved it.
he supports me.
he thinks I'm smart. I prefer the term smarticle. whatevs.
he can build things.
he is a man's man.
he takes me fishing.
he admitted to secretly liking/bordering loving my bunnies (don't tell I told)

I have never known any man to be so selfless to me, why would I wait to see if I could "do better?"
because I can tell you right now....

I can't. 

I found a scripture that almost relates in Matthew (13:45-36)

Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: 
Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all he had, and bought it.

What is Jonathan, if not my pearl of great price? why would I not give up all I have for him?

Jonathan Payne Kirkland, I pledge to give up going on pointless dates with many different lesser suitors. I pledge to give up my broken heart over people who are not worth it. I pledge to love you for the ever after.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

"How is school going?".....................

This is perhaps one of the most awkward questions now that there is only like a month left of school.

"Uhmnn ya, I'm like... failing everything. Except for my online class. I'm totally passing with a D+ in that class.... I've got like... a month to fix everything, and save my scholarships. I'm working on probably 47 extra credit opportunities."

thats kind of the jumble that goes on in your head.

what really comes out of your mouth is:

"I'm doing really well."

then you turn around and ask them the same question.


that is all I have to say regarding this matter.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

life of a college student unfolded

6:30 wake up
6:45 leave apartment
7:00 arrive at school
7:30 log off facebook and do homework
8:20 finish conclusion of essay and socialize briefly in Institute building
8:30 begin Trek across campus
8:40 arrive in class early to claim position nearest to door exit
9:00 lecture begins
9:05 play fruit ninja
9:20 check facebook
9:30 text someone in my organic evolution class to see if homework was due
9:31 receive confirmation text that there was indeed homework
9:32 frantically begin doing said homework
10:10 finish assignment
10:15 lecture ends
10:16 bolt out the door and head back to the other side of campus
10:19 get hit by a bike because bikers are dumb, blind, and have spacial visualization problems, and forget that Kylie is a solid mass
10:25 reach other class
10:30 have notes out and actually pay attention~ because this class matters
11:15 lose resolve in trying to focus
11:16 fruit ninja
11:30 resume focus
11:35 facebook
11:45 lecture ends
12:00 miss lightrail
12:14 get on lightrail, sit across from one of those public transportation "gems"
12:24 get off at stop
12:25 cross street to get to work
12:26 get held hostage by Filbertos
12:38 be released by Filbertos with a burrito and horchata in hand
12:41 punch in time clock at work
12:42-5 highly classified work-related information
5:01 emerge from work a zombie
5.05 phonecall to beloved
5:15 homework party
5:17 conspire to murder physics
5:30 fall asleep
6:45 physics
10:00 contemplate school related suicide
10:01 decide on sleep instead
10:30 finally back at home, microwave pizza
10:32 eat pizza, burn tongue, put on pajamas
10:35 brush teeth whilst talking to significant other, make a reference to kissing
10:55 crawl into bed
11:01 realize that existence is really menial sometimes
11:02 comatose state, otherwise known as sleep

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ladies, you are going to want to creep this.

so I'm getting married. You know, that thing that little girls are suppose to have been planning since they were four. They have their colors chosen, their favorite flowers, where they want to be married.... yada yada yada.... all that jazz. This girl? she didn't. All she knew was that she was going to be wearing a white dress (she might have secretly picked out that dress when she was in highschool, but considering how I'm failing in all the other wedding prep plans? I think we can call it even). Yet despite being 99% positive that the dress she had loved since highschool was the dress of her dreams, there were two things that were in the way....
1.) Kylie's dream dress cost.....lets just say... a car.
 2.) the model wearing the dress was really beautiful... Kylie did not look like the model... in fact, Kylie is a foot shorter than the model, which could make the dress look very.... different.

So what did we do? What every girl secretly wishes for. We went dress shopping and had a bridal consultant bring me dresses like I was a Bridezilla waiting to emerge.

Here we have Dress A: a lovely mermaid

Dress A has got that lovely "I'm a white beta fish." look.

Then we have Dress B, which I fondly call "Little bow peep" dress.
Has anyone seen my sheep?
No? no sheep sightings?
but I bet you didn't miss that hiney action.
BAMB. my behind.

This is Dress C: "The other bride's bridesmaids' favorite"

They said they had seen several girls try it on,
and I was the only one to successfully pull it off...
That Bride kind of looked like a bridezilla after they said that....
of course she had just tried on said dress.....

look!! I'd get lost in embellishments!

Then there was Dress D: this stereotypical one.
Don't get me wrong~ it IS lovely
But the top was so constrictive, I couldn't dance.....

Dress E! I call it the bust enhancer.
because it made my girls look AWESOME.
so I had to throw on a vail so you wouldn't just stare at them.

Dress F: as in Flapperesque.
I liked the odd organic/almost classic vintagey feel of it.
I probably would have made my bridesmaids dress like flappers
if I chose it

Dress G: It made me feel like a silky curtain.
especially because I was all pinned up in the back
.... just hang me on a clothesline....

Dress H: Swan princess
This dress was awesome
the pricetag? not so much

awesomeness.... from behind.

Finally, Dress I.
it was a classic number,
with a lovely train

But.... ultimately..... I did not go with any of these dresses.
They just reaffirmed my desire for my dream dress.
Which I tried on the next day, and it was perfection.
So now I have a dress. Don't worry, it will be temple worthy.
I'm going to get married on March 17th in the San Diego Temple at 9am.

so, which one is your favorite?
which one do you think was my runner up?

Also, if you want to be a gem (you do, because then I will invite you to my wedding and you will get to see my real dress) you will visit one of my other blogs here and leave it some love. like... a comment..... or some feedback... or the usual crap I beg you for.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm so vain.

Dear my beloved audience, this post has no  mention of Jon. Come back tomorrow, if you want to be regaled with tales of romance. What I am writing today, is about my human flaw. Vanity.

I'm an American girl, 'bout as vain as they come. I catch myself staring at myself in nearly any reflective surface, which is why I am a danger when I drive. Some of you may read this and may judge, but hey.... at least I'm honest, eh?

so I had an idea. A wonderful, physically altering kind of idea.

 As i looked in the mirror, I had but one thought.... 
you know these cheekbones aren't just for naught. 
I bet I could change my hair color to one less sought, 
and still my visage be hardly forgot.

(I think in poetry sometimes, essentially, I wanted to change my hair color because I have the facial structure for anything and my light coloration allows me to pull off literally any color)

and so, I went to the dark side.

 wallah! a myspace worthy picture in my mirror just so I could show you my phone case that features my favorite element (cobalt) that my beloved Jon got for me (tender)
 you needed an up close, slightly more terrifying picture
 so..... what do you think?
 do I pull off the bangs and the dark locks?
 do I look like Angelina Jolie? in the movie SALT?
Or perhaps Catherine Zeta Jones? in Zorro?
Or Rachael Weisz? in The Mummy? 
 you know you like it......
 especially when I do this stupid thing with my lips
 or give you my pitiful puppy eyes. like this ^
 or hold your gaze. like this one, which is exactly the same as
the above one, but I have less of a draining emotional effect,
you know, because my eyebrows aren't as furrowed?
 or when I look up all mischievous like.... 

 or do kissy lips, because everyone loves my thwacker.
 or do another myspace~esque shot.... because
 or smile really hideously.

 or do another stupid face, because I have MILLIONS of them
 or do a fish face
 or give you.... THIS look. its like a secret weapon
 ..... just don't tell me I remind you of 500 days of Summer.
she was a terrible person, and much more vain than myself

 I didn't actually dye my hair. I just colored my eyebrows.
you like?
 I wish my eyebrows were visible, I should color the all the time
look at the expression I'm able to acheive with eyebrows. 
I don't look perpetually perplexed.... glorious.
 you no like??
 what if I do... THIS^^^^
 I knew you'd like it. +1 to the dark side
 look its me being vain.
 I'm just so good at it....
 it really helps when you are this attractive.
 I'm so vain, I actually do think that song is about me.
BUT, I'm  okay with everything I've said. because its mostly sarcastic.
and medium truthful.
I might be the teensiest bit vain.