Thursday, October 13, 2011


because his eyes smile
because he never asked me why I had 4 rabbits, or made me feel like one of those crazy animal people, even though I totally am.
because of that time I was studying physics and he went to get groceries, fed my bunnies, and fixed my shower, even though he had a lab to write
because when we went to Denny's, he gave the haggard waiter a 71.428% tip
because his little 3 year old sister told him that she "wished she could have been in Kylie's mommy's tummy when Kylie was in her mommy's tummy." because she loves me and views that as the ultimate proximaty~ of which I have to agree
because I had never felt so accepted by someone's family
because his hand feels right to hold
because he is genuine
because he drove from tuscon to tempe to tell me he loved me in person
because he accepts me entirely as I am
because if anyone could relate to my life experience, it would be him
because he treats his mother with the most love and respect I have ever seen a man hold, I imagine him to be like Christ, who cared for his mother so deeply, that as he hung on the cross, he told one of his apostles that she was his mother now, and to care for her
because I was his first kiss
because my rabbit Truffle likes him, and she is a good judge of character
because he is my best friend
because he took me fishing and I caught my first fish (I named him Galileo)
because he wants to go on adventures with me
because we both love science and history equally
because we are not perfect, but we lift each other up and want to be better
because we knew we were going to get married by the 3rd date
because he supports me in all my trials
because our relationship is real, and not based on the fake hollywood emotion that quickly fades
because he does not treat me like an object
because his actions make me an equal partner, not just his
because he would hypothetically let me have a snake
because he wants me to follow my dreams, and make them happen
because he wants to build and share his life with me
because he loves me
because I love him.

Oh how the time does fly....

So, time has passed, I should tell you a few things... you know... keep all you stalkers updated so you can do your job good and properly.

first and foremost, Quinn and I are no longer together. He is a very good man and I think the world of him~ but for us, it just didn't work out. I still respect him and wish him all the best, would even go so far as to say he is my friend. He will be a lucky catch to a lucky girl and I appreciate all he did for me and the things he taught me.

Also, I'm dating Jon Kirkland.... and I'm engaged.

I feel like an awful human being for telling you I'm no longer with one man and engaged to entirely different man in the same post.... but life has been busy. I also wasn't planning on getting engaged so soon....... the stars just came into alignment and the heavens opened~ and thus Jon and I were thrown together in a speedy courtship that came to love and the decision that we want to spend the rest of eternity together.

I know i'm blogging entirely backwards, but I shall regal you with our tales in posts to come.

the end.