Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easily Delicious, and Deliciously Easy.

okay. we've all been there.

it's like... 8:30... and you haven't made dinner...

or maybe you are just really poor and you just can't afford lost of ingredients.

or maybe, you are just really poor.
like me.

anyways, I have some recipes for you.


I'm just kidding. There are no kidneys in the tacos, but there are kidney beans.... and they are awesome, and I did invent the recipe...

Alright, All I had were canned goods, and some tortillas that needed to be used.
I looked in the panty, nothing looked good... I saw some kidney beans, thought of the tortillas, and BAM idea. It seriously is ridiculously simple

  • 1 can of kidney beans
  • 1 can of rotel (it is like salsa)
  • 1 tiny can of green chilies
  • a dash of Chili powder
  • a glob of honey
  • a spritz of fresh lime juice (you know that green bottle you got for one recipe and you've never used it since and now it is turning into an inconsumable organic liquid)
  1. throw everything in a pan
  2. heat it up
  3. taste test it, add more ingredients if neccessary
  4. put it in your tortilla
  5. eat it
total prep time? like... 5 minutes. TAKE THAT 30 MINUTE MEALS!!!


that title is a lie, there are no bloated dead seals in this recipe.
but there is chicken...
It should be called Kylie's Stuffed Chicken Biscuits... but that would be practical...
and I'm not.....

  • breadcrumbs
  • butter
  • garlic powder
  • package of refridgerated rolls (like pillsbery biscuits)
  • chicken
  • cream cheese

  1. take cream cheese, let it soften to room temperature
  2. mix in cooked (boiled) chicken that has been shredded (with your hands you rip it into little pieces)
  3. add garlic powder, taste, add more if you need it
  4. take rolls out of package, flatten with hand
  5. put large spoonfull of filling into roll
  6. press down around it so it looks like a ravaoli
  7. dip in melted butter
  8. roll in breadcrumbs
  9. place on cookie sheet
  10. cook for time alotted on biscuit packaging
I'm sorry there are no pictures... I will add them later


 being in Utah makes me miss Mexican food.
the above picture is real food eaten in Mexico, made by REAL Mexicans.
I freaking love Mexico.

 I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.

 I love this guy.

 I'd kill for some sushi right now.

I have a Big Bang Theory problem.
I'm also turning lazy.
I don't even cook the cookie dough...
I just eat it... and notice the milk? and no cup?
(but just that day.... I promise) 

I love Jon in buckle jeans.
they are the equivocation of men lingerie 

 On this trip to New Mexico, Jon had to deal with Ashlee and I farting in the car for like 10 hours.

There really is no confession for the following pictures, I just needed to fill you with warm fuzzies before I unleashed my biggest confession.

Jon and I aren't moving back to Arizona at the end of the summer.
We are going to be Utards.
we just signed an 11 month lease.

the good news is that we are going to come visit in August.
and also... we have a guest bedroom.
so you can visit!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Critics call it CAT-TACULAR

This blog is about my (or rather, Madam Cat's) adventures with catnip.
Petco. June 6th, 2012. Standing in the Cat Treat isle, holding two brands of catnip.
the purpose?
Keep Cat occupied while Mom (me) is at work.
To prevent another calamity such as the Great Yarn Blanket Disaster of May 2012.

catnip: "induces exercise and playfulness in cats."

that was the biggest understatement. EVER.
Here is the photo journal of the first 4 hours.

 what iz dis?
 smellz sooo gooooooooood
 Mom, you have to twy dis.
 Effects are kicking in.
 and den go cwazy,
 is this going to last forever??????
my paw is dissolving!!!!
 3 hours later
 still going strong,
 Cat tested, pet parent approved.
 my preciouss.ssssss.....
 four hours later.
toy holding up relatively well considering amount of stress and trauma.
minor stitch fraying. 
 and then it begins.

and that concludes Cat's kitty-weed delirium. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marvelously Mundane

I realized today, that even at its most mundane points; my life is incredible.
I have finally accepted myself.
I do not try to gain other's approval.
I do not get my sense of self from an external source (people, things, or actions.... its actually really hard.)
I have realized my own limitations.
Most importantly, I decided I deserve nice things.
The problem in life is that so often we believe that we do not deserve the best.

you might be in denial, but those thoughts appear as 

"Do you think I'm good enough for him?"
"I will never have a job like ____, I'm just not as smart."
"I'm  never going to have that."

The real question is, Is he good enough for You?
why compare yourself to someone else? why does that affect what you can or cannot have?
What is keeping you from what you want?

As soon as you realize that YOU deserve the best, your life will be happier.

I sold my first etsy item today.
It was really exciting.
click here to see my shop
(you don't have to, I'm not spamming you *pinkypromise*)

Jon left me this darling note the other day before he left for work.
It was surrounded by an array of rice side dishes and PB&J ingredients.
This is also evidence in Jon's own handwritting of referring to cat as "Madam Cat"

Jon is pretty awesome.
He is keenly aware that ridiculously absurd things give me happiness.
like bringing me home a snail.
I've never seen one like this.
Look at his little eyeballs!
He was delightful, we named him Gary.
I then released him into a marvelous clump of bushes.

I saw this tree that had these amazing leaves.
It made me want to make a necklace out of them.
Naturally occurring two-tone?
Some people felt bad for Eve because she work a skirt of fig leaves.
I bet she was super stylin' though.
I'd wear a skirt made of these leaves.

Jon's work paid for us to go to outback steakhouse.
they gave us both $20 gift cards.
So I ordered an 18 dollar meal.
and got a doctor pepper.
it was probably the happiest day of my life.

This is what I ordered.
Baby Back Ribs.

Now I have to amaze you with my housewifery.
these are red potatoes.
they are delicious.
as you can see, I had many of them.
so I made things like Hashbrowns, potatoes cooked in butter, breakfast burritos...
typical potato dishes.
But I still have 20 left.
give me recipe ideas.
I will feature it in my blog and tell you if its worth eating.
or we can make a mockery of how terrible I am at following any kind of direction....

I also miss Mexican food.
Utah doesn't have any delicious places where I can dine on my native cuisine. 
I made carne asada.
Doesn't it look delicious?
Then I took it, and made into enchiladas.
by using all the lovely things in the picture below.
Cooking is more than housewifery.

Oh, and here is a picture of Jon and I being adorable.
we are 27 different kinds of cute.