Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 being in Utah makes me miss Mexican food.
the above picture is real food eaten in Mexico, made by REAL Mexicans.
I freaking love Mexico.

 I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.

 I love this guy.

 I'd kill for some sushi right now.

I have a Big Bang Theory problem.
I'm also turning lazy.
I don't even cook the cookie dough...
I just eat it... and notice the milk? and no cup?
(but just that day.... I promise) 

I love Jon in buckle jeans.
they are the equivocation of men lingerie 

 On this trip to New Mexico, Jon had to deal with Ashlee and I farting in the car for like 10 hours.

There really is no confession for the following pictures, I just needed to fill you with warm fuzzies before I unleashed my biggest confession.

Jon and I aren't moving back to Arizona at the end of the summer.
We are going to be Utards.
we just signed an 11 month lease.

the good news is that we are going to come visit in August.
and also... we have a guest bedroom.
so you can visit!!

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