Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easily Delicious, and Deliciously Easy.

okay. we've all been there.

it's like... 8:30... and you haven't made dinner...

or maybe you are just really poor and you just can't afford lost of ingredients.

or maybe, you are just really poor.
like me.

anyways, I have some recipes for you.


I'm just kidding. There are no kidneys in the tacos, but there are kidney beans.... and they are awesome, and I did invent the recipe...

Alright, All I had were canned goods, and some tortillas that needed to be used.
I looked in the panty, nothing looked good... I saw some kidney beans, thought of the tortillas, and BAM idea. It seriously is ridiculously simple

  • 1 can of kidney beans
  • 1 can of rotel (it is like salsa)
  • 1 tiny can of green chilies
  • a dash of Chili powder
  • a glob of honey
  • a spritz of fresh lime juice (you know that green bottle you got for one recipe and you've never used it since and now it is turning into an inconsumable organic liquid)
  1. throw everything in a pan
  2. heat it up
  3. taste test it, add more ingredients if neccessary
  4. put it in your tortilla
  5. eat it
total prep time? like... 5 minutes. TAKE THAT 30 MINUTE MEALS!!!


that title is a lie, there are no bloated dead seals in this recipe.
but there is chicken...
It should be called Kylie's Stuffed Chicken Biscuits... but that would be practical...
and I'm not.....

  • breadcrumbs
  • butter
  • garlic powder
  • package of refridgerated rolls (like pillsbery biscuits)
  • chicken
  • cream cheese

  1. take cream cheese, let it soften to room temperature
  2. mix in cooked (boiled) chicken that has been shredded (with your hands you rip it into little pieces)
  3. add garlic powder, taste, add more if you need it
  4. take rolls out of package, flatten with hand
  5. put large spoonfull of filling into roll
  6. press down around it so it looks like a ravaoli
  7. dip in melted butter
  8. roll in breadcrumbs
  9. place on cookie sheet
  10. cook for time alotted on biscuit packaging
I'm sorry there are no pictures... I will add them later

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