Saturday, November 5, 2011

life of a college student unfolded

6:30 wake up
6:45 leave apartment
7:00 arrive at school
7:30 log off facebook and do homework
8:20 finish conclusion of essay and socialize briefly in Institute building
8:30 begin Trek across campus
8:40 arrive in class early to claim position nearest to door exit
9:00 lecture begins
9:05 play fruit ninja
9:20 check facebook
9:30 text someone in my organic evolution class to see if homework was due
9:31 receive confirmation text that there was indeed homework
9:32 frantically begin doing said homework
10:10 finish assignment
10:15 lecture ends
10:16 bolt out the door and head back to the other side of campus
10:19 get hit by a bike because bikers are dumb, blind, and have spacial visualization problems, and forget that Kylie is a solid mass
10:25 reach other class
10:30 have notes out and actually pay attention~ because this class matters
11:15 lose resolve in trying to focus
11:16 fruit ninja
11:30 resume focus
11:35 facebook
11:45 lecture ends
12:00 miss lightrail
12:14 get on lightrail, sit across from one of those public transportation "gems"
12:24 get off at stop
12:25 cross street to get to work
12:26 get held hostage by Filbertos
12:38 be released by Filbertos with a burrito and horchata in hand
12:41 punch in time clock at work
12:42-5 highly classified work-related information
5:01 emerge from work a zombie
5.05 phonecall to beloved
5:15 homework party
5:17 conspire to murder physics
5:30 fall asleep
6:45 physics
10:00 contemplate school related suicide
10:01 decide on sleep instead
10:30 finally back at home, microwave pizza
10:32 eat pizza, burn tongue, put on pajamas
10:35 brush teeth whilst talking to significant other, make a reference to kissing
10:55 crawl into bed
11:01 realize that existence is really menial sometimes
11:02 comatose state, otherwise known as sleep

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