Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer non-vacation.

So I have come to the realization that College is really just high school 5.0. High school... without adult supervision. oh and did anyone mention that you have to pay for your books and to go to class and living accommodations? Ya, I bet they left that one out.

You find your little niche of friends, you ditch class on occassion (which is more stupid to do in College. DON'T FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE), you eat pizza a lot. Your different subjects are taught by different people~ and by different, I mean really different. I will give you an example of what I am talking about:

"tewday, wi ar stuting recrystaliization. Ahnd how dit you doo dis?"
uhhh.... I'm sorry, I've spent the last hour trying to figure out your accent and translate it into English... so I have no idea.

future college~ees: stay away from the science aspect of education, the dialects found in that department almost take a degree to decipher. It's ASU's secret plan so that you never make it into medical school.

alright, steering away from the whole "OMGIPOTENTIALLYSOUNDLIKEARACIST" tangent, I'm going to take you back to the first paragrah. Don't worry, my little lazies, I'll just repeat myself. PAYING FOR COLLEGE.

Sure, we got scholarships. they pay the big bills, the books, occasionally some toys. However, most of us don't quite have the funds to pay for the housing, the food, the car, the insurance, yada yada yada. Welcome to adulthood. Where exactly am I going with this? summer vacation. In college it is a joke for some (like me). It's essentially the time where you work full time and people wonder where you disappeared off to. Some crazies actually take summer school. dreadful. I'm all about beaches, adventuring, traveling to Europe..... I was suppose to go to Italy this summer, had a place to stay and everything~ all I needed was to pay for a plane ticket and food. But I couldn't, because I have to work, so when I am actually going to school I won't have to work full time..... Why do I have to be so logical?

BAH. and then I blew my second chance, my sister is going to Peru. My roommate is currently in Peru.... I could have met up and established my presence in South America. Once again, My logic got in the way and I did mathmatical figures to see if I could afford to do it, and the answer..... was.... no. Its too much of a financial stretch and I would rather not put myself in that predicament if something were to go south.

Eff you summer vacation with your false promises.
someone abduct me and we can go to Sedona or something.

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