Thursday, March 15, 2012


you are all probably in a frantic frenzy over what to get me for my wedding/birthday.

yes.... my reception in Mesa is on my birthday.
this is to ensure you will be there.
We are celebrating my Marriage AND my birthday.... HUZZAH.
I think we should do a money dance.
Primarily because the concept is hilarious... and I also like money.
plus... who wouldn't want to dance with me?

okay, back to gifts that you want to shower me with...

I need a sheltie. or seven. 

I love alpacas. So I obviously need one. or two, because if I had one... than it would be lonely. Practical use? yes I crotchet. Alpaca wool is the finest. I WILL MAKE MY OWN YARN. wait... I need a spinner too in order to make my yarn. So pair up~ one of you get the aplacas, the other? get the spinner. I also asked for one for Christmas and didn't get it so I don't think this request is unreasonable.

I need a bonsai tree to be considered "cultured" and so I appear "garden-y" and also because miniature trees are awesome.

an apron, that I can wear everyday... to show my proper place in the kitchen.and also because flour and I do not cooperate well........

I searched for a rice cooker.... but this came up instead.... and it is infinitely more awesome. In case I get a pet zombie I can feed him broiled brains.

you could also buy me an island.


you could just come to my wedding reception~ that is perfectly acceptable too.
plus, there is a photobooth.... and your facebook picture needs updated.....

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