Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Quest.

So, Saturday June 18th, 2011 is now an important date in my life. It is a marker in my story. BEHOLD. I have officially overcome the curse of being in perpetual limbo in one's current relationship status. I've escaped dating pergatory.... without paying indulgences. That's right, I'm officially in a relationship.

How did this happen you ask? and what revalence does this picture have?

Well you see, Quinn Merrill and I went on an impromptu day (evening?) to Sedona. A magical land full of wonder. You go there and I promise you will come back with a significant other that is how magical it is. It broke my curse.

This is the beginning of our journey, I believe we started around 3pm? This is also Quinn being very, very lost (but he won't admit to it).

This is my excited "I'm going on an adventure" face

the first spectacular view we had~ definitely worth a two hour drive

..... and of course we kissed there, but we decided to take a cutsey picture instead (you're welcome, Mom)

right after we took that other picture, we realized..... we needed the view in the background, not the tourist center. SO here. Here is us, the view, the spot we kissed.

It's almost like an Arizona based Jane Austin. but not.

We just wanted to show you that we could probably take down a bear/bobcat simply based on the size of our feet.

Then we hopped back into the car, because we hadn't truly hit Sedona with its delicious views and overpriced touristy cafes.

Arizona isn't beautiful? false. Its just got a harsh ruggd look that is magnificent to behold.

Then we hit Sedona, and we found this magnificent eagle statue. Someday it will go in my livingroom, but for now I will pose looking drugged in front of it. At least my hair looked amazing.

Then we had this excellent idea. Look how beautiful we are. Quinn is so cut it looks as though he was hewn from stone and my skin looks so porcelain fair.

This is what gave us the idea. we look great from this angle too.

QUINN: a self made man's helper

KYLIE: Prude? or feeling her up?

the world may never know.

our trusty steed. and boy, do we look good.

you can't do a road trip without mention of your car.

picture IN Sedona


it was time for shopping.

so we found this crazy Trade exchange center.

I was in love, it was me encompassed in a store.

everything odd, whimsicle, and completely unneccessary

the following photos will show you what I mean exactly.

this reminded me of the way of the warrior.

and my little warriors: Steven, Kyle, and Spensei.

This is a shout out to you.

with love.

relaxing oils perhaps?

Damn. foreplay would be sold out.

and the runner up for being sold out: lick me all over

I love it. I think I wil go back to Sedona just to buy this ridiculous items that make 80% of my friends uncomfortable.

oh look. a Sedona view.

another sedona view.

an even BETTER sedona view.

and that pretty much concluded the chronicles of Sedona with the pictures I had taken with my phone. I had also brought my camera, but alas, the batteries died before we even reached the furthest outskirts of the city, and so, I purchased a (typically tourist overpriced) disposable camera.

the following series represents the Trip to sedona, in reverse. just for funsies.

exhibit A: Quinn with a creepy clown/stealing a bite out of aforementioned creepy clowns watermellon.

kylie in terror of clowns

this lady took a picture of us, like, 5 minutes after we were technically "officially" dating.

I think the lady saw us take this picture and decided that we needed a photographer.

Quinn convinced me to touch these hawiian pigs buttocks.

...............because he did and everyone knows I'm a follower.

so I found this purse. if you bought it, you wouldn't need to buy a dog to put in it. because the dog is on the outside of the purse.

I lied to you, Mom. I took a middle schoolesque picture of us kissing. I hope you like it.

I also took this one, Mom. see? I can do tradish*.

*short for traditional

I threw a second one in there in case you hadn't gotten enough of how handsome we are.

We gound this giant fudge bear outside of a fudge shop. I fell in love instantly. This bear almost stood in the way of me and Quinn, I mean.... look at that shirt. my thoughts exactly.

I have a thing for masks. I bought this one actually.


Quinn being a masterpiece.


Quinn only loves us. he didn't want the mountaints in the shot, obviously.

I always look drugged. BUT LOOK AT THAT CLAVICAL.

I'm glad we had my cell phone. windup cameras are like gambling. As you can see, we didn't quite get it with this shot.

I hate wind up cameras. but quinn is doing a delightful job with his facial expressions.

The eagle I'm going to buy someday.

look at me. always playing the role of a victim.

sorry you have to see this, Mom.

GAHHH, missed the eagle.

we tried valiantly though

Quinn sucks at taking pictures. guess what this is.

do you know why Quinn sucks at taking pictures? because he is spawn of Satan, apparent through these horns. He must be a mormon.....

(JK!!! LOL)

I love Roosters.

Quinn being a manly man.

so.... what do you think the difference is between these two photos with Quinn and the Rooster? I assure you there is one.

and then we dated. and it was the end of the sedona trip and we returned to our miserable lives in tempe.

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