Monday, July 18, 2011

the ring.

"One ring to rule them all...."

just kidding....

I love this ring. I will probably use it somehow as a "muse" for my future wedding band. I find beauty in its simple elegance. The different kinds of gold skillfully crafted into intricate leaves leaves me breathless for some reason. Perhaps it is the elvish flair which harkins to my over active imagination.

Regardless, this is my ring. It depicts my personality so perfectly. If I were an inanimate object, I would want to be this simple ring. My father bought it for me to remind me to love myself. This ring appeals to my inner child. In fact, my inner child drooled over it in the little watch shop, dreamt of it for over a month, and even... coveted it.

40 d0llars. that is how much the world declared it to be worth. It was a little tiny size 3 sterling silver ring with real golden leaves. I had to have it resized because I have ....largish hands. the miracle of ring sizing I tell you, from size 3 to a size 7 BAMB just like that. Actually, it took a week, but regardless, the ring is still mine and it fits perfectly. I wear it everywhere, along iwth my viking ship ring that reminds me of my family history.

Then I stopped wearing them so much because my constant use had already scratched the delicate silver bands in so many places. I had to remind myself that these treasures really were of no monetary value to anyone, and their real significance was only what they meant to me. So upon my fingers you shall spy, rings with far more sentimental value than you could imagine.

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