Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This one is for all my stalkers~ holla atcha gurl.

I am a "working adult."

that means I am "responsible" and "timely" and "efficient" and all sorts of other lovely adjectives.

By working adult, I mean to say that I have a job that most people don't find until after they graduate, so I'm going to take you on a tour of what I do everyday.

My co-worker, Olivia, and I steal our manager's baby. (mostly Olivia, because she gets paid to steal Lily....they call it "babysitting")
I do filing LIKE A BOSS.
I get to wear fancy shoes. slacks. uncomfortable buttonups.
the whole Shabang.
I photocopy things. print. scan.
I've got this beast down.
I work wonders with the i-phone camera and promote our charity cabs.
Don't know what a charity cab is?
Well, I would tell you, but that would be too work intensive to me when someone else already wrote about it. click here if you really want to know, they are the tabs on the top.
This is Baldo, the mechanic/cab driver.
look at him, he is like a living relic of old Arizona.
I pretend like I'm overseeing media/advertisement processes,
Really, I'm just cold and taking pictures with my I-phone,
because everyone already  knows what they are doing.
I take numberous pictures of Lily, because I can.
I work with Brandy, who really is LIKE A BOSS.
I'm not at cool as she is, seriously, this woman signs contracts while breastfeeding.

..............and Lily.........
I think I'm a good photographer. what do you think?
Here are a few of our cab drivers. Yes, one of them is a dwarf, and he is cool, and he goes by "Giant." No, I have no idea how he reaches the pedals.
Sometimes I work with crazy people. Like this woman. who has a TV show. with a talking pinata. his name is poncho.... or something. oh, and apparently he is drunk a lot.
she is doing a segment on our company and our company takes her place to place (because her show is Destination Arizona, and she goes places.... with her drunk pinata...) Whatever. If you want to watch it, its aztv7 cable 13~ I have no idea what that means...... IS IT CHANNEL 7 or 13?!?!? But if you figure it out, its on Saturdays at 2:30. if you have nothing better to do.
I have my own phone line. where I take calls. and I have a picture of my cat.
Because I didn't want a picture of my family in case a weirdo falls in love with me and tries to kill them all.
I help find organizations to benefit, and last Thanksgiving we donated 30 turkeys.
(if you ever wanted to know what 30 turkeys looks like in a prius, now you have your answer)
I get to go to fun events like the AZ Urban Run to sit at a booth. Its awesome, I get to enjoy the festivities of a marathon, without having to run- my two favorite things! Also, I know these people, aren't they darling?
here is another sample of my photography and work together.
think I should go pro?
I have my own nerdy science nameplate.
Ms. Johnson, in elements from the periodic table form.
Sweet, but not for long; soon I will be upgrading to Mrs. Kirkland
I really enjoy taking pictures, I don't know if you gathered that...
So essentially my job is reading memos, creating memos, acting on memos, filing memos, calling about memos, calling to create memos, emailing memos, and taking pictures.
oh, and I write for this blog occasionally.
and that is kind of like my life.
Besides school. and planning a wedding.

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