Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Years! [[[a month later]]]

I have this thing for feeding Ducks, Jon has one for shooting them;
But I convinced him to make peace with the AFLAC duck and so to the park we went after church
I am a duck whisperer. I CAUGHT A DUCK. I started my year off like a bad A.
look how darling my duck is.
name suggestions anyone?
This was my duck's crew.
Look at what a marvelously motley menagerie they are; next time I go to Yuma I'm going to steal all four of them.
Jon and I also went to Mexico, I didn't take a lot pf pictures there.... because I was afraid they'd steal my phone, but it was so much fun and no drug cartel killed me.

Jon and I paid this guy to paint a picture for us, look at it, its amazing. The best part is that he did it all with SPRAYPAINT AND GROCERY BAGS.
Jon haggled pretty good and we got this 50 dollar necklace for 25 with matching earing for my mom.
She totally digs the whole "I have giant turquoise stones around my neck" thing.
we also eloped....... just kidding.
This was taken at a goodwill in Scottsdale. I should have bought it,
but I'm waiting for half price Saturday.
We are still.... unmarried....
We went to this [fairly] reputable taco place in Mexico and Jon, despite the fact he hates cats, let me sit at the table with a feline on a chair next to me.
It was really cute, I wanted to take it across the border with me....
we dined with a mexican cat before it got turned into a taco.

oh I also decided that I am going to collect horses from around the world. I have two from Denmark and I got another little wooden one in Mexico.

It was such a grand adventure for the beginning of the year.

I need to go back to Yuma and Mexico soon. I want to haggle, buy things, and catch my duck again.

oh, and I guess I miss my family there too :)


  1. I am so glad I met you and now have lovely entertainment like this in my life.