Thursday, February 2, 2012

Updateous upon my Lifeous

Hey everyone, this is my dad. I always try to make him proud...
Yet despite this fact, I don't think this picture of him would make him feel that way. As you can see, this is probably where I got my sense of humor from....

Truffle is as fat as ever, and not pregnant. If I were to allow her to be with her lover, Tobias, she would have babies while I'm getting married- this would be upsetting, because her babies would look like this
and I dont want to miss a single moment of that.
my last name is still Johnson. Don't worry, I am going to fix it by the end of next month.
Jon and I love to feed Ducks.
Actually, I like to feed ducks,
Jon likes to ball the bread up and throw it at them.
It's a guy thing.
I wanted the puppy on the left, because Huskys are awesome and his little tongue was just so cute, plus his icy blue eyes just said "please take me home" but the price tag said "this is a year's worth of rent, walk away."
I experiemented with fashion, and I totally dig this rediculous retro look.
It was like I took punk and vintage with a side of art deco and baked it on high for 30 minutes.
It was a delicious combo, can we say.... eye candy?
Scottsdale has this street filled with really neat (albeit overpriced) shops that are lit up at night like Christmas and they have this AMAZING horse statue out, which I am planning on stealing. All helpers will receive a hungy howies pizza.sound fair?
I tried this Hannah Montana look and surprisingly rocked it, even when making this face.
Also, I applied to adopt a dog named Lilly.
Then I told Jon about it, we will see what happens....
Isn't she super presh?

I asked Jon if we could do something fun tonight if I finished my homework. He suggested watching the Einstein documentry~ is it possible to fall in love all over again? Jon is so solid. OF COURSE I WANT TO WATCH A DOCUMENTRY ON EINSTEIN. that's 15 gold stars for you, Jon.
I asked for a dog and Jon brought me a frog. Actually he bought 5 OF THEM. Don't worry, they are only mildly toxic so you have to change their water dish everyday or they will poison themselves..... They all have Harry Potter themed names. We have Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Mad-eye Moody, Fang, and Hagrid. I love them. I think they are the greatest thing on our bookcase, their croaks are so cute, but here is the thing..... I still want a dog, hence why I applied for one, and THEN told Jon.

Its kind of like this sign I saw in a hotdog shop~ it said

I prayed and asked God for a bike,
But I knew he didn't work that way.
So I went and stole a bike,
and asked for forgiveness.
Marriage is the same concept.
it might be easier to ask for forgiveness.

Also, I am trying to set a temple date, February 24th?
how's that sound, Chelsea?

Anyways, here are just the random tidbits of my life.

OH AND I GOT MY WEDDING DRESS AND EVEN THOUGH I GAINED WEIGHT.... it still fits. why? because you have to be smarter than the dress. Ladies, buy a corset dress, it grows with you.

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  1. I love you soooo much! And I love your blog so much. And I feel like a rockstar when I see my name on your blog. Like I'm being mentioned in a speech by someone winning a Peoples Choice Award or something equally as ridiculous. Ha:)