Friday, May 11, 2012


According to urban dictionary, phat means "pretty hot and tempting."

So.... the question is... does your makeup make you look phat? or like a 12 year old discovering eyeshadow for the first time?

It summer, which means color is IN. It is time to try bold new looks and get our break on. However, it can be dangerous experimenting with color, so I thought I'd show you a few new looks to try.

(but that is going to be in the next blog, because I am a terrible person. and also lazy. but mostly because I need to keep you all coming back)

here is a picture of an adorable baby who might get lead-poisoning from chewing on this painted bench to make up for my lack of eyeshadow pictures.

Of course if you want a classy night on the town, the natural look is still a really great way to look chique.

I was lazy so I took a slightly-terrible-duck-faced self portrait. Even if you do a more natural eyeshadow to just accentuate your eyes, feel free to play with bright lipsticks... it's totally liberating. Also, liquid eye liner makes my lashline look more full VAVAVOOM

While we are at it, take a look at your nails. Are you a chewer? Do you have marks from being a hard working mom? Is the life of being a poor, malnuished college student starting to show?

What you need is a little feminising refresher. There is a reason why we see women at the nail salon on TV all the time, it truly is a luxury and a time for relaxation. Getting your nails can be expensive though; so invite some friends over and make a girl's time out of it, or perhaps consign your husband to do it like I do. I told Jon I wouldn't post pictures on facebook... but I said nothing about my blog. muahaha! What's trending in nails right now?


This quirky, all-your-nails-the-same-but-one is actually really flattering and fun. Jon loves it. It subliminally brings attention to that bling on your ring finger if that's the one you chose to offset (or it can be a hint-hint to that boy you are dating that you are in desperate need of some diamond lovin'). I personally really like the subtle color differentiation as opposed to stark contrast, but I did both for you and on different fingers so you can get a taste for it. The nice thing is that if you are detail challenged, this is a simple way to make your nails really nice without stickers, or (hard) self-detail. I personally can barely paint the nails on my left hand so me handpainting a flower design is really out of the question.


Alright, so you have the makeup and the nails down... what about the hair? Summer means hot and sweaty, which means that my hair makes me look frump-tacular most of the time. Thank heavens the messy bun is still in style. Vintage/modern hair is also really in right now. I recomment twisting the bangs and side hairs on both sides of the head and pulling the leftover bits into a messy bun that looks great straight or pulled to the side somewhat.

Just like my wedding hair.

I don't really know how to end a fashion blog, because I lied to you and I'm just pretending to be fashionable... so here is a picture of a border collie.

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