Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i'm a conformist.

I did it.
I made an etsy.
because its a website for artisians.
and I want to be associate with that word.

want to see it?
click here.

let me tell you something....
all the names are TAKEN.
even lewd names.
I  know.
I tried them all in a fit of rage.
even asshole is taken.

this is on my shop. I made it. with my. bare. hands.

so then I had to be all unoriginal

and use my name....


but I still call my shop Ksquared.

actually, in my mind I see it like this

I just love science so much.

This is also in my shop. I put it on my cat. you should look at the add. I think it looks lovely on her.
 So I haven't paid attention to my etsy until today...
but thats okay.
you should pay attention to it starting today also.

These geese are not on my etsy... but I did take this picture. Isn't it just so sweet? I'm in love with Canadian geese.

check out these rad vintage earings. whoa, nelly. you be so stylin'
 right now my shop is kind of a menagerie.
I love it.
I have some vintage, some bridal, some accessories, some human hair paintbrushes (SAY WHAT???)
you know.
the typical oddities.

I love these. I really do. They make even me look elegant.
In addition to that, I am definitely going to be adding some baby gear, some pillows, and other awesome things.
because I'm holding my mom's sewing machine hostage for the summer.

Also hitting the etsy withing a matter of days:

wedding boquets.

What would you like to see hit my shop?


I love you.

do you know what that means?

it means if you are reading this, and you message me
or leave a comment below...

you are going to get a coupon code to use in my store.
say what?!?!?!

I know.
that's true love.

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