Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Because I aspire to be a crazy cat Lady...

Today, I feel like writing a post on someone who has been a very big support in my life: Cat.

Cat is our lovely tabby feline. She was adopted from a Petsmart charity and is eight years old.

 Originally, her name was Tasha, but Jon dubbed her Cat and that is the only thing she responds to, now. Her records indicate that she is half maincoon, which is why she is so large and wonderful.

Now, those of you who know Jon know that he is by no means a friend of cats; in fact, he is what I would even call a cat terrorizer. However, when I had my surgery and was down for a time, Jon didn't want me to be alone all day, so that is how I got Cat.

I also may have agreed to call our firstborn daughter after a pokemon. Eevee to be exact.

Eevee Ellen Kirkland.


The ironic thing is that Cat absolutely adores Jon.
She lounges on his dirty clothes.
steps on his pillow.
sleeps on his side of the bed....

Jon won't admit it to other people, but methinks he has a soft spot for Cat.

I mean, really, look at that face; how could you not?

She plays fetch, supervises paintings, talks to you....

She is a complete snuggle buddy.

She also makes you feel so loved with her constant snuggling and her waiting by the door.

One of her favorite passtimes is to help me with homework and stalk people on facebook.
She also has an orange belly, I'm not sure why that should make you happy.... but it should....

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