Friday, April 13, 2012

Whedding, Smedding

I knew I was going to have a white dress.... and that is about all.

When I was younger, I wanted a zebra print wedding, then I wanted it to be a fall wedding so I could look like the goddess Demeter.

I want to steal everything about her.

As it turns out, neither of these plans worked; but that is okay~ if you look at the reception, it was still very me.

So, my family was in Snowflake, but everyone I knew were in Mesa/Tempe while everyone Jon knew were in Yuma. It was a bit of a debacle. I let Jon's family take care of the Yuma reception; but I had no idea what to do here, without the support of my family.

ADVICE I WISH I HAD: (srsly, if you are engaged/planning a wedding... read this)

1. you have to be able to move around and be in your wedding dress for longer than 5 minutes, plan accordingly. My dress was SO beautiful, but I couldn't breathe, I couldn't eat, it was stifling hot, and it weighed as much as a lead suit.

2. your wedding day will never be how you envisioned, just realize this and be prepared for it. Besides, what is really important is really the fact you are married.

3. no matter what a perfectionist you are, do not be in charge. If you are in charge, your wedding will be so ridiculously stressful

4. the biggest complaint I here is how people they had wished they spent a little more on a photographer, make sure it isn't something you regret.

5. make sure that your invitations don't get lost in the mail........... like mine............. whoops.

Alright, all seriousness aside, lets just look at my pictures, I already know that is your favorite.
Sooo, my colors were orange and cobalt blue~ sound odd? well, its not. it's FUNKY FRESH.

why those colors?

Well, I told you I had always wanted a fall wedding, so I get the one color that allowed a little more leadway on season that hardly anyone else used. Also, many of you don't know this, but Jon and I are really big science geeks and Cobalt just so happens to be our element.

It's my favorite color, the name of our first fish, my favorite element... etc. PLUS, it just so happens to be the complimentary color of orange. PERFECT.

I wanted to take the nerdy a step farther by getting married on a 27th, the atomic number of Cobalt, but none of the days were really working for us.... oh well.

Now, the Yuma reception was much different than the one in Mesa. The Yuma reception had a shabby chique style.

For centerpieces we cut strips of burlap and laid them out across the white table cloth, then we had a white pitcher that had a branch from a cumquat tree as well as vintage cobalt blue glass bottles.

Isnt it fabulous?

ps. if anyone wants the butterflies on my cake, I have extra I'm trying to get rid of.

also, there is no method to the posting of pictures.... I just know you like to look at my photography genius


  1. SO GLAD YOU POSTED THESE PICTURES! I have been wondering how amazing everything looked in Yuma. I really wish we had some San Diego pics already! Maybe we'll get lucky and some will pop up before I leave on Wednesday. If not, it is your duty in life to send me some in the mail! :)