Thursday, April 12, 2012

Honeymoon: where you moon your honey

Everyone is nosy, don't even try to deny it.

Even the title of this triggers the thought, how was Kylie's honeymoon? was it awkward?
you bet your nosy ass it was.

BUT, I will spare you details; because as much as I want to share my life with you, I actually don't.

However, there is a phenomenon in today's society where we love to look at pictures. It is for this reason that facebook was so successful.


First we went to the beach, it is just something you have to do when you go to San Diego. There is this lovely little wildlife perserve called La Jolla Cove. I got close enough to Sea Lions to pet them, but I didn't, because I don't want my high-five to become a high-three.

I took lots of pictures of Jon with trees; because he considers himself "an amature arborist." Isn't that just so darling?

Then we went to Julian, because we had a cabin to ourselves for a whole week.

On the way there, the roads began to ice up (it had rained on our wedding and the higher altitudes were expecting a devastating snow store) and there were a few car accidents. It was "exciting."

We got snowed in.

We ate pie.

We watched Hercules and made lemon poppy seed muffins.

(image inappropriate for the web)
We made anotomically correct Adam and Eve Snowmen.

We downloaded Zombie slasher films.

We sat by the wood burning stove.

It was rather lovely, actually.
Because of the zombie movies, there were a few times that I made Jon get out of bed around two in the morning to turn on the lights so no living dead would get me whilst I tinkled. I also made Jon promise that we would never own a doberman because of Resident Evil; I'm not sure I could handle waking up in the middle of the night with one of those standing in the doorway.

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